Memberships & Rates

Memberships include access to the Fitness Center, Aquatics Center, Basketball Gyms, and Pickleball Play:

  • Residents Single Annual                              $75.00                       
  • Resident Family Annual                               $175.00                                
  • Ono Island Resident Single Annual          $150.00                               
  • Ono Island Resident Family Annual        $250.00                                
  • Non Resident Single Annual                      $300.00 
  • Non Resident Family Annual                     $500.00
  • Monthly Single (Resident or non)              $60.00 (Pickleball Play NOT included. Annual Only)
  • Monthly Family (Resident or non)             $90.00 (Pickleball Play NOT included. Annual Only)
  • Day Pass                                                            $10.00

         **Day Passes do NOT include access to Open Basketball Gym.  Guests of members only.

  • Guest of Member                                             $5.00
  • Single Fitness Class                                         $5.00                                
  • 15 Fitness Class Punch Card                        $50.00 
  • 15 Session Pickleball Punch Card               $100.00                               
  • Annual Fitness Class Pass                           $150.00               

*Family membership includes two people legally married to each other, or a single parent, and their children through the age of eighteen (18).  College students allowed under Family Membership with valid college I.D.

Residents are defined as: 

  • A person who lives on a permanent basis (12 Months) within the corporate limits of the City of Orange Beach. 
  • A person who owns residential or commercial real estate within the corporate limits of the City of Orange Beach.
  • Individuals that own a business within the corporate limits of Orange Beach.

*Ono Island is not located within the Corporate Limits of the City of Orange Beach.

Acceptable Forms for Resident Identification Include:

  • Valid Alabama driver’s license showing a physical Orange Beach address.
  • Current utility bill (gas, water, electric) showing applicant’s name and physical address.
  • Orange Beach property tax bill.
  • Orange Beach property deed.
  • Orange Beach voter’s registration card.
  • Twelve (12) Month Lease Agreement.
  • City of Orange Beach Business License showing the name and physical address of the business, and the name of the business owner.

Non-Acceptable Forms of Identification:

  • Items showing a post office box number instead of a physical address. 
  • Telephone bill, cable bills, etc.
  • Checks or bank statements
  • Expired bills or leases