Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is comprised of corrections, training, procurement, animal control, and support services technicians.

  1. Corrections

The Orange Beach City Jail is a self-contained, 31-bed facility designed to hold misdemeanor prisoners for up to one year. Corrections is responsible for processing, caring for, and housing people arrested or sentenced by the court system. Bonding and other information may be obtained by calling 251-981-9777 and you will be transferred to a corrections officer.


On-site visitation is available two times a week.  To schedule an appointment, you will need to set up a visitor account by going to the following website: We offer on-site as well as remote video visitation.

VISITATION HOURS - ON SITE: Sundays & Wednesdays: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Holiday visitation will be the same as above if the holiday falls on a visitation day.

ALL visitors MUST set up an online account to visit either in person or VIDEO VISIT. Please go online to the NCIC website to set up your account. Once your online account has been set up and approved you may call the jail to set up an ON-SITE visit.

What to expect when you arrive for your visit:  When you arrive for your visit please leave all electronic devices, backpacks, purses, etc. in your vehicle. Have your photo Identification ready. No one will be allowed in to visit without an ID. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All visitors will be searched for weapons and contraband. The search may consist of a pat-down search and/or a metal detector. Visitors must be dressed properly, please do not wear clothing that would be considered too short, tight, or low cut. You will be asked to change or cover up before being allowed to visit. To be considerate of others that may have breathing issues please do not wear an overabundance of perfume or cologne. 

VISITATION HOURS - OFF SITE (VIDEO VISIT):  Video visits may be scheduled for any day of the week from the hours of 7:00 am to 9:30 pm. Please go to the NCIC website and follow the instructions on how to schedule your video visit. Once you have completed all the requirements and funded the inmate’s account you will be able to visit via video from your home computer or cell phone using the mobile app. If you need any assistance with setting up your account or setting up an appointment please call NCIC at 1-844-724-2076 or the Orange Beach Jail at 251-981-5298.  

Items permitted for inmates: One (1) non-spiral composition notebook or loose-leaf paper or one (1) standard-size package of loose-leaf paper. Small envelopes, no more than 10 (ten) in their possession. The remaining envelopes stay in the inmate’s property. Post Cards are provided and maintained in the control room for indigent inmates. USPS Forever Stamps Booklet of no more than twenty (20). Underwear four (4) pair white in color only. Socks four (4) pair (white in color) T-Shirts long or short sleeve four (4) total (white in color only).  

The above items can also be brought to the Jail in person on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 am til 8 pm.

Phone Service

Inmates are allowed to use the collect call phones in the cellblock as spelled out in the inmate rules. We do not take messages for inmates except in the case of an emergency. The company currently providing our inmate phone service has a number of services they provide to make it easier for you to use the phone service. The services are as follows: Advance Connect (prepaid collect), Direct Connect (a direct bill option), and Collect Connect (charges are billed through your local phone company). To set up phone services, visit the NCIC website or call 800-943-2189.

Inmate Mailing

Orange Beach Corrections (Inmate Name)
P.O. Box 1039 Orange Beach, Alabama 36561

Inmates will be permitted to have only the following personal items in the housing units (dayrooms, cells):

  • Issued shoes or slippers (no shoe laces) - provided by Corrections
  • Underwear and socks (4 pairs each)
  • Personal hygiene items (approved by the nurse) - All others are provided by Corrections
  • Corrections issued clothing and items
  • Personal jewelry is not permitted
  • Personal correspondence items (loose leaf paper, stamps, and envelopes)
  • Limited amount of bound periodicals/books (no newspapers) - 1 plus religious book (Bible, etc)

All court-related questions may be addressed to the Municipal Court by writing to P.O. Box 529, Orange Beach, Alabama 3656,1 or by phone at 251-981-2444. The court goes over the commitment order with each inmate detailing sentencing and fines.

Towing Companies

  • Auto Medic: 251-986-9968
  • Gulf Shores Towing: 251-968-7939
  • Hub City Towing: 251-960-5551
  • Island Towing: 251-752-1155
  • Mc Adams Towing: 251-206-0049

Bonding Companies

  • A+ Bail Bonds - 251-989-6732 or 251-747-1640
  • Action Bonding - 251-580-3222
  • Adam's Bail Bonds - 251-487-6553
  • 1A Bail Bonds - 251-967-2245
  • South Coast Bail Bonds -251-978-BOND (2663)

Attention: A bondsman should only charge a percentage of the bond; a bondsman should not charge the full amount plus their fee. The full amount may be paid to the court, as a cash bond, to be held until the case is disposed of.

  1. Fingerprinting
  1. Training
  1. Animal Control
  1. Support Services Technicians