Investigative Division

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The Orange Beach Police Department Investigative Division is comprised of multiple subdivisions, each operating within its own area of expertise. These subdivisions include criminal investigations, narcotics investigations, as well as various task forces, and joint command operations.

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations investigate all reported felonies: rapes, assaults, robberies, burglaries, thefts, forgeries, frauds, and identity thefts, as well as serious misdemeanors such as domestic violence. In felony cases and crime scenes, it is the responsibility of the criminal investigator to collect evidence (fingerprints, DNA, weapons, video, and audio documentation, etc.), photograph the scene, canvas the area for witnesses and suspects, and interview those witnesses/suspects. To report any criminal activity, please email Criminal Investigations.

Narcotics Investigations

Narcotics Investigations investigates all illegal drug activity as well as applicable liquor law violations within the Orange Beach Police Department jurisdiction. To report any drug activity, please email Narcotics Investigations.

Task Force / Joint Operations

The Investigative Division also has an investigator assigned to both the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force and the Homeland Security Investigations Task Force. Two additional investigators are attached to the FBI's Joint Child Abduction Rapid Response Deployment (JCARD) Team and the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit. Also under the umbrella of Investigations are crisis intervention, hostage crisis negotiations, Internet crimes against children, and sex offender registration and notification.

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As the mission statement says, we are here to serve and protect paradise with unparalleled integrity, professionalism, and respect for the entire Orange Beach community. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, if there is anything the Investigative Division can do to fulfill that mission statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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SRO Supervisors

The school resource officers are an important part of the school community and staff in that they work closely with the school administration to provide a safe, happy, and healthy environment for the students, staff, parents, and visitors of the Orange Beach Elementary School, Orange Beach Middle School, and Orange Beach High School. For any school-related safety concerns, please contact the SRO through the Orange Beach Police Department dispatch at 251-981-9777 or email the School Resource Officer (SRO).