The City of Orange Beach Sewer Department collection and wastewater treatment facility consists of 25 lift stations that transfer all domestic and commercial waste to a 10 million gallon-a-day treatment plant.

The collection system is comprised of low-pressure and gravity lines, mostly in the corporate city limits of Orange Beach.

Other areas supplied by the water treatment facility are low-pressure lines to Ono Island and the Miflin Creek region.


In recent years, the Operation has upgraded all primary lift stations and installed miles of improved force mains. The primary treatment facility has doubled in size and is capable of tremendous expansion at a minimal cost.

Due to the rapid increase in construction, the department is constantly in a state of improvement.

The collection system is being expanded on a daily basis to provide sewer availability to every resident of the city, as well as extending lines into the outlying areas of the county. This expansion is possible due to the increased treatment capacity of the primary facility, which is designed for double the current population.

For billing address change information, email Account Clerk Amanda Fikes.


Our staff consists of 20 employees with certifications specific to their job description.

The average tenure of our staff is 10 years, which provides experience and dedication to the job.

The plant staff and field crews are required to attend Continuing Education Classes each month to keep them current with changes in regulations and improve their job skills.

This training is provided by the city to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors to our area.

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