Mosquito Program

The City of Orange Beach, in cooperation with the Baldwin County Health Department, conducts a mosquito eradication program that includes the following practices:

  • Neighborhood truck spraying daily, Monday through Friday (and weekends as needed)
  • Placement of larvacide in water-detention areas identified by staff as potential breeding grounds
  • Barrier spraying for parks, athletic fields, and sporting events
  • Testing and surveillance by the Baldwin County Health Department
  • Aerial spraying during summer months in emergency situations

Mosquitos exist to serve a purpose in the life cycle of birds, aquatic life, and other insects. To humans, a mosquito is only a pest and a nuisance and the City of Orange Beach will always conduct a program to minimize the population of mosquitos for residents and guests. Much of the city is located in or around water along with a 7,000-acre Gulf State Park which is filled with wetlands.

In addition to these programs, the City will also place larvacide tablets in problem areas as requested by citizens.

Please feel free to contact Public Works at 251-974-1023 with any questions or concerns.