Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

The Backcountry Trail project is a collaborative effort between the City of Orange Beach, backgroundremovedthe Gulf State Park, the City of Gulf Shores, and property owners along the trail's alignment.

Overall, the Backcountry Trail system consists of 26 trails among nine distinct ecosystems that make up more than 28 miles of paved trails within the 6,180 acres of land inside the park. The trail winds through the park and connects both cities. Throughout the trail, locals and visitors can enjoy biking, jogging, walking, skating, rock climbing, wildlife watching, plant and tree identification, photography, and connecting to nature.

Historically, many parts of the trail were utilized by the area's indigenous peoples, as well as explorers and settlers of the region.

The Backcountry Trail is steeped in lore and local legend. For decades, a creature believed to be part man/part wildcat -the "Catman" - has allegedly lurked along the paths and swamps of the backcountry woodlands.

Trail App

 By land or by water, never get lost with the OuterSpatial app! It’s free to download in the App Store or Google Play. All you have to do is allow access to your location and this app will show you exactly where you are in relation to the surrounding trails!

Trail Rules

  • Non-motorized vehicle use 
  • Golf carts and class 3 e-bikes and scooters are prohibited
  • 10 mph speed limit - no “road training” allowed on the trail
  • No smoking, or use of fire due to wildfire danger!
  • All pets must remain on a leash
  • Please dispose of litter in provided binsTent
  • Danger - Do not feed, handle, or harass wildlife
  • Trail Hours - Open 365 days a year - Daylight hours only 
  • No camping allowed except for in designated areas  

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