After the Storm

Hurricane safety is all about staying informed. 

Listen to officials, follow the information provided on this website, and sign up for alerts.

Disaster assistance centers, stores that run on generators (including supermarkets, pharmacies, and hardware stores), points of distribution, and operational hospitals will be announced on the Orange Beach City Facebook page on a live stream by the mayor at 5:00 PM each day

Personal Safety During a Power Outage

  • Only use generators outdoors and at least 20 ft away from windows. Never use a gas stovetop or oven to heat your home.
  • Keep freezers and refrigerators closed. The refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours. A full freezer will keep the temperature for about 48 hours. Use coolers with ice if necessary. Monitor temperatures with a thermometer.
  • Check on your neighbors. Older adults and young children are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures. 
  • Turn off or disconnect appliances, equipment, or electronics. Power may return with momentary "surges" or "spikes" that can cause damage.

Report Power Outages

  1. Go to your main electrical panel to see if a fuse has blown or a breaker has tripped. Fuses must be replaced while breakers only need to be reset.
  2. If the problem is not your main panel, call a neighbor to determine if other homes in the area have been affected and/or check the Baldwin EMC Interactive Outage Map
  3. If the problem is not within your home, or several are involved, report an outage online, or via text or phone call to Baldwin EMC. Do not report an outage via email.

Power Outage

Staying Safe After a Hurricane
Returning to Your Home or Business
Debris Separation