WKRG: Orange Beach Police officer talks about water rescue

June 15, 2018
Jeremy Mote on WKRG report for lifesaving actions, 6.14.2018

By Debbie Williams | Jun 14, 2018 | www.wkrg.com

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) - Many of you saw the dramatic video of a water rescue earlier this week in Orange Beach at Perdido Pass. Officer Jeremy Mote is the officer that was seen running into the water. He says he's no hero, just in the right place at the right time.

The east side of the pass is part of Officer Jeremy Mote's regular routine patrol.  He says it's very popular, generally always packed and it is very dangerous.  He was on his way home Tuesday night when the call came over the radio of four swimmers in distress. He thought to himself, "Oh man, please don't be at the pass and then they said the location is at the pass."

As soon as he gets there, he strips off all his gear, grabs a couple of floats and takes off into the water. "He was barely nose above water when I got out to him."  One swimmer holding on to his friend trying to keep both of them alive.  "As soon as I get to him, I give him one of the floats and said where's the other guy and he just lifts him up."

Almost at the same time, the Orange Beach police boat arrives and throws out a life ring.  "It seemed like I was in the water forever," said Mote.  "I just couldn't believe how long it was taking but when I go back and look at the video, the boat guys were right on top of that."

Both swimmers were pulled from the water. One airlifted to an area hospital and continues to struggle to live and while some may consider Mote the hero he says the real hero was the friend of the swimmer who wouldn't let go. "He was just holding on to him so he wouldn't get sucked out.  He wasn't letting go. He was holding on for everything he could."

Mote says what makes him nervous is meeting the parents of the 20-year-old Robertsdale man that remains in Sacred Heart Hospital. They have asked that Mote meet them at the hospital so they can thank him personally for what he did.  

See the video at www.wkrg.com.