WEAR-TV report: Crosswalk improvements on tap for Flora-Bama after county/state road swap in Florida

September 9, 2019
Escambia County moves forward with major road swap with the state

Escambia County moves forward with major road swap with the state

By Renee Beninate | Thursday, September 5th 2019

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR-TV) — Thursday night [Sept. 5, 2019] Escambia County commissioners unanimously approved a major road swap with the state.

Now six miles of Perdido Key Drive will soon be controlled by the county. In exchange, the state will take over 3.4 miles of Beulah Road.

Supporters say that will speed up construction of a new exit off I-10 in the area.

Commissioner Doug Underhill was thrilled to see the deal approved.

Underhill said it will now allow him to make much-needed road improvements in his district, which includes Perdido Key.

“We don’t want a highway plan in Perdido Key, we want a neighborhood plan. Today we got that with the road swap. It’s gonna take about 90 days for this all to go complete...all the lawyers to do their part at which point we will start seeing the real things we wanted to do with the 'Perdido Key Master Plan'," said Underhill.

Underhill said some of those improvements include safer crosswalks and the addition of crossing guards near Flora-Bama.

He believes the crossing guards will reduce traffic caused by people crossing the street and make the area safer in general for pedestrians.

Underhill expects these improvements to begin soon after the legal process is completed.

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