Temporary closure of Boggy Point Boat Ramp for renovations will begin March 18

February 26, 2019
Boggy Point boat launch

The Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources / Marine Resources Division will be closing the Boggy Point Boat Ramp located at the end of Marina Road in Orange Beach at 7 a.m. Monday, March 18, 2019 for much-needed renovations.

Renovations will include the replacement of the existing finger piers and repairs to the parking area. The boat ramp piers need to be repaired before the busy summer season due to their current condition. If left unchecked, the ramp likely would not have make it through a full summer season due to corrosion and erosion. Funding was not available until January 1, 2019. 

Renovation activities are anticipated to take place for at least two months; however, weather conditions may impact the completion date. Access to the site by the public will not be permitted throughout the renovation process.

During renovations, the Cotton Bayou Boat Ramp located at 25808 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach will remain open. Updates will be provided on the Marines Resources Division’s Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/AlabamaMarineResourcesDivision.

The Marine Resources Division (MRD) maintains a number of public boat ramps in coastal Alabama including the Boggy Point Boat Ramp. In May 2018, MRD staff inspected the piers at the Boggy Point Boat Ramp which were installed in 2006 and discovered that the pilings and the support bracing for the decking were nearing the end of their usable life. The decision to replace all finger pier structures was made at that time and federal funding from the Fish and Wildlife Service’s Sport Fish Restoration Program was identified for grant request submission. The funds; however, for this project were not available until January 1, 2019.

During development of the federal grant application and the grant approval process, MRD staff coordinated with US Army Corps of Engineers staff for permit requirements and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Engineering Section staff to redesign the pier to increase the new piers’ longevity and minimize maintenance costs. The grant award received final approval and became effective for use beginning January 1, 2019. A pre-bid meeting was held with interested contractors January 3, 2019. The final bid approval was received by MRD on February 25th. The total cost for the current repairs (including repairs to the parking lot) is $175,795 of which the Marine Resources Division is responsible for 25%.

“There is never a good time to close a boat ramp in coastal Alabama,” said MRD Director Scott Bannon. “We did everything we could do prior to the funds being approved to ensure we could begin the repairs as soon as funding was secured. Our assessment of the pier’s condition was that it was not in the best interest of public safety to delay the repairs until after the summer. We will work with the contractor to expedite the repairs to minimize impacts to those who utilize the ramp.”

For additional information regarding the boat ramp renovations, contact Marine Resources’ Director Scott Bannon at 251-861-2882.