RESTORE projects moving forward in Orange Beach - Canal Road East widening and sewer force main upgrades

June 3, 2020
Orange Beach North Sewer Force Main project map

Following the Orange Beach City Council’s approval of grant agreements on May 19, two projects that are part of the post-BP oil spill Resources and Ecosystem Sustainability, Tourism Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States Act of 2012 (RESTORE Act) are moving forward. 

The agreements with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR), which is facilitating the RESTORE Act funding, pave the way for $1.8 million to go toward the widening of Canal Road to three lanes from State Highway 161 to Wilson Boulevard, and $5.19 million to upgrade and expand the sewer force main on the city’s north side. 

East Canal Road widening

The Canal Road widening is expected to begin in the fall. In addition to widening the roadway to three lanes, the project also includes limiting full access to the roadway between Highway 161 and the Orange Beach Public Library, and a roundabout will be constructed in front of the library to accommodate left-turn movements onto Canal Road west of the library. 

The city is currently determining the feasibility of constructing a golf cart path from Bear Point to Highway 161. The construction of the golf cart path will likely be incorporated into this project, which has an estimated cost of $3 million. The golf cart path will add additional costs. 

Orange Beach North Sewer Force Main

The $5,195,000 construction project will replace approximately 8 miles of outdated existing pipe with modern materials that are properly sized for current and future development. 

The old force main was installed in 1987 and is nearing the end of its useful life. The new line will consist of 16-inch piping from a point on Canal Road near The Wharf to an existing pump station on County Road 4. This will include a new bore below the Intracoastal Canal. 

As part of the project, 14-inch piping will be installed along Roscoe Road and the Beach Express from the pump station on County Road 4 to Russian Road near the new Public Works building. The line will continue as a 12-inch line to an existing pump station on County Road 12.

Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood is completing the final design for the city and permitting for the project that should be ready to bid in mid to late summer of this year.