Over 160 anchored nearshore reefs modules new to Orange Beach; snorkeling and fishing allowed

August 29, 2018
New nearshore reefs in Orange Beach

August 28, 2018 | Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division

Three new nearshore reef sites are under construction just offshore of the Baldwin County beaches in Orange Beach, Alabama.

As of August 28, 2018, the Alabama Point and Romar Beach reefs were constructed with 42 anchored reef modules at each site and the Pavilion reef site was being constructed with 82 anchored reef modules. Each reef module is constructed with concrete/limestone discs anchored by a piling jetted into the seabed.

Boats will not be restricted from the circalittoral reef zones. Yellow poles with red stripes will be installed on the beach to allow vessel captains to recognize their position relative to the reefs, and red lights will installed to facilitate recognition of the reef zones at night. However, these red lights will not be utilized during turtle nesting season.

According to the Alabama Marine Resources Division, spearfishing will be allowed on the new circalittoral reefs if the spear fisher holds a valid Alabama saltwater fishing license. However, an additional spear fishing license is required if fish are harvested using a traditional spear gun (see Code of Alabama 9-11-170 for the definition of a spear gun). Scuba divers are required to display a legal size dive flag within 50 feet of their location and vessels are required to stay 100 feet from the dive flag. Snorkelers and swimmers are not required to display flags but it is highly encouraged since boating will be allowed around there nearshore reefs.

The reef sites are located at:

  • Alabama Point - N30 16.420” W87 32.520”

  • Romar Beach - N30 15.621” W87 36.361”

  • Pavilion - 30 15.083” W87 38.643”