Orange Beach proclaims May 12, 2018 as Lemonade Day Coastal Alabama

May 4, 2018
Orange Beach proclaims May 12, 2018 as Lemonade Day Coastal Alabama

On Saturday, May 12, a refreshing, community-wide initiative will launch in Orange Beach with over 80 children operating lemonade stands.

Led by the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber, May 12, 2018 was proclaimed Lemonade Day Coastal Alabama by the Orange Beach City Council at its May 1 meeting.

According to Chamber Chairman Nick Wilmott, Lemonade Day teaches children how to start, own and operate their very own business using the model of a lemonade stand.

“We are always looking to connect our business members to the community,” Wilmott said while addressing the council at the May 1 meeting. “We sponsor our academies at the high school. We sponsor Dolphin Tank at the middle school but we really didn’t have anything to really teach our children from kindergarten through sixth grade the business skills in entrepreneurship that we live in everyday. This island is full of entrepreneurs. It’s what makes this island go every single day and these kids grow up in it not really understanding it so we found Lemonade Day. Orange Beach will be one of 60 cities in the United States; second in Alabama. Tuscaloosa is the only other Alabama city doing this. And we’re doing this and it’s free to every child that wants to do it. Over 80 children have registered already to do this and we’re really excited.”

On Sunday, May 6, a Lemonade Day taste-test competition, sponsored by the World Food Championships, will take place at The Wharf. The winner will have his or her own booth at the World Food Championships when the competition returns to The Wharf in November.

The winner of Lemonade Day will be named Entrepreneur of the Year, Wilmott said. He added that the winner will not be based solely on sales. “They will earn a yellow beach cruiser bike and also be entered into the National Entrepreneur of the Year contest with That winner will get a week’s vacation with their family to Disney World. We’re really excited.”

City Administrator Ken Grimes read the proclamation during the meeting and it reads as follows:


Whereas, Lemonade Day is a free, community-wide educational event providing children with the opportunity to learn and apply entrepreneurial thinking and create a foundation for success in the global economy; and

Whereas, Lemonade Day exists to infuse today’s youth with the spirit of enterprise, teaching the basic business and entrepreneurial skills necessary to become successful, contributing members of their communities; and

Whereas, Lemonade Day has a core philosophy of Spend, Save, and Share that is implemented by teaching children how to start, own and operate a business, learn goal-setting, develop a business plan, establish a budget, seek investors, provide customer service, and give back to the community; and

Whereas, Lemonade Day offers opportunities for families, businesses, schools, youth organizations, faith-based communities, neighborhoods, institutes of higher learning, and government agencies to unite for a common purpose – to train the next generation of entrepreneurs; and

Whereas, Lemonade Day is an event that demonstrates to young people of Orange Beach that they are important, and citizens care about their future; and

Whereas, the City of Orange Beach salutes and commends organizers, volunteers, and participants of Lemonade Day, a program that advances life skills, character, and entrepreneurship, and extends best wishes for a successful and rewarding observance.

Now, therefore, be it proclaimed by the Orange Beach City Council and Mayor that the second Saturday in May, is LEMONADE DAY COASTAL ALABAMA and all Orange Beach residents are encouraged to participate and have a role in either selling or buying lemonade on May 12, 2018.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Seal of the City of Orange Beach, Alabama, this 1st day of May, 2018.

Tony Kennon, Mayor

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