Orange Beach police welcome public to Tacos with the Five-O at Cactus Cantina

July 24, 2018
Members of the OBPD meet with members of the public at Tacos with the Five-O

By Alex Wilkerson for City of Orange Beach | July 24, 2018

Orange Beach, Alabama—On July 24, 2018, the Orange Beach Police Department met with members of the Orange Beach community for lunch at Cactus Cantina on Canal Road. The event, “Tacos with the Five-O,” offered citizens of Orange Beach the opportunity to get to know members of the police department. The luncheon was held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Chief of Police Joe Fierro said the event was part of a continuing effort to develop relationships with the public, which began with “Coffee with a Cop” a few years ago.

“We transitioned to lunch from coffee after the input we got from the community and we transitioned to this last year,” Fierro said.

The lunch is provided free by a different restaurant for each event. Some of those restaurants have included Wolf Bay Lodge, Blue Water BBQ Company, FlipDaddy’s, GTs on the Bay and, this month, Cactus Cantina.

The luncheon allows citizens to ask questions, bring forth complaints or simply become acquainted with members of the Orange Beach Police Department.

“Every time we get together with the community they always have either a good question or a comment that makes us better at what we do,” Fierro said. “This gives us the opportunity to receive feedback we wouldn’t normally be able to receive.”