Orange Beach Police Chief Steve Brown announces promotions

August 20, 2020
Chief Brown recognized Sgt. Lisa Johnson, Sgt. Brian Kincaid, Cpl. Michael “Brent” McBrayer and Cpl Guy “Brandon” Oliver.

Orange Beach Police Chief Steve Brown announced recent promotions in his department during the City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 at the Orange Beach Community Center. 

Chief Brown recognized Sgt. Lisa Johnson, Sgt. Brian Kincaid, Cpl. Michael “Brent” McBrayer and Cpl. Guy “Brandon” Oliver.

Chief Brown had the following to say about the newly ranked officers: 

Sgt. Johnson - “Lisa grew up and graduated high school in Modesto, California, where she attended Modesto College and the University of Tennessee at Martin,” Chief Brown said. “After graduation she moved to Jackson, Tennessee with her family for a job transfer. She was hired with the City of Dickson Police Department in Tennessee. 

“She graduated from the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy in October 1998 and worked with the department for 10 years. After that she was hired with the State of Tennessee 23rd Judicial District Public Defender’s Office as a homicide investigator for four years. She gained more knowledge into criminal law. She went back to school to study a new degree program in crime scene investigation and forensics, where she received an associate’s degree in police science. 

“Investigator Johnson was hired with the Orange Beach Police Department in July 2011 as a patrol officer. Based on her education and experience, she was reassigned to the investigations division. Investigator Johnson was selected for the position of sergeant of the Criminal Investigations Division in the later part of July of this year.

“Sgt. Johnson possessed the skills to effectively lead the Criminal Investigations Division. She is dedicated to solving cases of special victims of crime. Lisa is a proud mother of two children. 

“One other thing that I would like to share about Lisa. During her time over in the Investigative Division, when I was assigned there as a lieutenant, on four separate occasions she was recognized by the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office for her victim services advocacy and work that she had done for special victims of crime, domestic violence in particular. She’s also done a remarkable job in her tenure here with child sex crime and she’s to be commended for that. And we appreciate your service.”

Sgt. Kincaid - “Brian was originally from Tuscaloosa, where he was born and raised,” Chief Brown said. “Brian served our country in the United States Marine Corps. He attended Auburn University and earned his bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and management. He worked with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer and proceeded to join the academy to receive his APOST certification in March of 2000. 

“Brian worked with the Northport Police Department for 10 years in the capacity of patrol officer. He was also assigned for six years to the traffic division and was a firearms instructor. 

“In June of ‘16, Brian and his wife and their two daughters relocated from Northport. They are very active with the school, the church and both work here in Orange Beach. 

“Brian began as a patrol officer with us and then was assigned to beach enforcement position, after that was created. He was promoted to corporal in July of ‘18 and in the latter part of July of 2020, Brian was promoted through our testing and interview process to patrol sergeant. Brian demonstrates daily that he is deserving of this position and being a supervisor here with the Orange Beach Police Department. So I’d like to congratulate Brian on his recent promotion.”

Cpl. McBrayer - “Next, I would like to call Corporal Michael McBrayer. Brent as we call him, but Michael graduated from Erwin High School in Birmingham, where he was born and raised,” Chief Brown said. “After graduation he had several jobs, figuring out what he wanted to do. Michael received his APOST certification from Jefferson County Training Academy in 2014. He then began working with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as a county deputy. 

“Michael, or Brent, and his wife and their son moved from Birmingham to Orange Beach in 2017 when he was employed here as a police officer. During his career here with the Orange Beach Police Department he has been assigned to the patrol division. He has also been assigned to Narcotics Investigations and through our promotional and testing process he has been promoted to corporal. Congratulations, Brent.”

Cpl. Oliver - “Next, I’d like to call Corporal Guy Oliver, who we know as Brandon,” Chief Brown said. “Brandon grew up and graduated high school in Clayton, Missouri. After graduation Brandon worked in home construction. Within this time he obtained his degree from Marquette University in criminology and law studies in 1995. In June of 2001, he received his law enforcement training certificate from the St. Louis County Police Academy. He began his career with the St. Louis City Airport Police Department as a certified canine handler. In 2006, Brandon received the top academic achievement award of the national explosive detection canine team. In 2016, he was recognized for his 10 years of commitment to excellence as an explosive detection canine handler by the TSA. 

“Brandon and his wife and two children moved to Baldwin County in early 2017 to be closer to family. Brandon joined our department that same year and since then he has done a remarkable job. He’s steady and does a great job for us. Through our promotional testing process he has advanced to the rank of corporal and we congratulate you.”