Orange Beach earns spot on ‘9 Places for Snowbirds to Escape to this Winter’ list by Expedia-AARP

November 27, 2018
Expedia-AARP 9 Places for Snowbirds to Escape this Winter

By Expedia-AARP Travel Blog | November 1, 2018

On its list of “9 Places for Snowbirds to Escape to this Winter,” Expedia-AARP named Orange Beach as one of the best places for retirees to visit.

In writing the article, Expedia researched and identified cities across the nation that have not only pleasing spring-like temperatures, but also offer their own unique allure, according to the Expedia-AARP content team. Orange Beach stood out on this list not only because it’s average high in January is a warm 63° F, but also for offering activities such as searching for dolphins ... and spending an entire afternoon biking on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail.

Orange Beach is described as follows on the listing:

“Standing in sand on a sunny beach while your friends are back home up to their knees in snow is hard to beat. Especially, if that beach is on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. It may be in the low 60s, but it sure is better than sub-zero temperatures.”

Orange Beach is in good company on the list. Other featured cities include Mesa, Arizona; Keaau, Hawaii; Clearwater, Florida; Palm Springs, California; Beaufort, South Carolina; Lake Charles, Louisiana; San Antonio, Texas; and Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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