OBA Community Website: Yellow VW bus pontoon turning heads in Orange Beach

October 13, 2017
Yellow VW bus pontoon turning heads in Orange Beach
October 13, 2017 – Orange Beach, AL (OBA) – At first, building a VW bus pontoon boat started out as kind of a hobby for Mitch Blalock. About $40,000 later he has one of the most eye-catching crafts moving around the back bays of Orange Beach.
“I used to tell my wife it’s cheaper than therapy, but I’m not sure I can say that, really, after building it,” Blalock said.
The Volkswagen people are sure happy with it.
“Volkswagen had a contest and you send a photo in,” Blalock said. “Next thing you know I’m sporting a $34,000 Volkswagen convertible for free. They gave me a card and said I was one of the best-uncompensated ambassadors for VW out there.”
Be on the lookout this weekend as Blalock and crew motor by in a pontoon boat with a vintage yellow VW bus body serving as the fence.
He and wife Tanya and other family and friends came to Pleasure Island to enjoy their first Shrimp Fest. And tool around in his unique, custom boat, launching from the Boggy Point ramp.
“We’re going to go out and try to have lunch,” he said. “I’m supposed to meet some people over at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club in it and give a couple of rides.
“I’ll get off of it later today and get to do some landlubbing over at the Shrimp Festival. We went there last night and that was fabulous. We’re looking forward to this weekend, for sure.”