Makos Academics, Arts and Athletics Club (MAAAC) forms

March 1, 2019
MAAAC logo - Makos Academics, Arts and Athletics Club

Submitted by MAAAC | March 1, 2019 

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Makos Academics, Arts and Athletics Club (MAAAC).  MAAAC is a non-profit organization that represents and funds the interests of our children at the Orange Beach Middle School and High School. MAAAC’s core mission is to raise funds that directly support and enhance our children’s experiences in academics, arts, and athletics.

Orange Beach Middle School and High School are already off to a great start. Baldwin County has made our community the first seven-12 school to be launched in nearly 105 years. The dedication to our children can be seen through the collaboration of  Baldwin County Schools and the City of Orange Beach. While Baldwin County continues to fulfill its commitment to building both the middle school and high school, our city has also generously donated both the land for the schools and agreed to fund the performing arts center. However, there is still work to be done.

In order to fund the programs that are on the horizon, we have a goal of $150,000 to be raised by our May 11 MAAAC Gala at Perdido Beach Resort. Every dollar up to our $150,000 goal will be matched by the City of Orange Beach to help us reach our ultimate goal of $300,000. These dollars will be used to begin our academic, art and athletic programs from scratch.  While the schools will receive funding from Baldwin County for athletics and band, these dollars are earmarked for transportation. Funding for programs beyond these needs must be raised by our community. By stepping up, we are ensuring that the needs of every child in our schools can be met.

Ryan Long, MAAAC president, said the organization’s board members are ready to get to work.

“We understand that most of the funding for our new school(s) extracurricular programs would be provided by the community and because of that we wanted to get an as early start as possible,” he said. “Because the new middle and high schools are actually the first in Orange Beach, the extracurricular programs are starting from scratch which is large undertaking on its own.”

Long explained that MAAAC members are dedicated to the children of our area.

 “We as a community want ensure, to the best of our capabilities,  that every child in Orange Beach will have the financial support to excel in academics, arts or athletics,” he said. “The City of Orange Beach has been  and is committed to play a vital part in our children’s success. Not only has the City of Orange Beach created the Expect Excellence Program, which is one of kind, but they have also committed to matching every dollar MAAAC raises up to $150,000, which is unprecedented. We as a community are very excited about our children’s scholastic future and the endless opportunities we will strive to provide for them.”

 MAAAC Arts and Band Representative Jessica Langston said that many wonderful plans are in the works.

 “We're so excited to form this organization,” she said. “We want our Orange Beach students to start out with firm financial support during this very early phase of middle and high school extra-curriculars. We want to show equal attention to academic clubs, arts, and sports so that our children have every opportunity for a well-rounded school career and a culturally-enriched life.”

Consider joining the fun and fundraising efforts during the MAAAC Gala on May 11 at 7 p.m. at Perdido Beach Resort. For more information, email Jessica Langston at