City of Orange Beach ready to help individuals most at risk during COVID-19 outbreak

March 24, 2020

Mayor Tony Kennon and the City of Orange Beach stand ready to assist residents who are most at risk during the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. 

The city is organizing police, fire, logistics, and other city staff and volunteers to help senior adults who are homebound, immunocompromised, or are limited due to chronic health problems, such as COPD and cardiovascular disease. 

City staff and volunteers will be able to run errands, get groceries and any other necessities. We can help coordinate and address medical needs through local physicians. The city has spoken to the Alabama Board of Pharmacy and will be in touch with individual pharmacies as we look to pick up medications for senior adults as well. 

The city will be working with restaurants and other vendors to provide meals and other services, where possible.

“We are looking at meeting any and all needs during this time,” Mayor Kennon said. “We want to help in any way we can, just please call us.”

The mayor’s office maintains a list of high-risk individuals who city staff and first-responders check on and can assist, as needed. If you or someone you know is in need, please reach out to Mayor Kennon’s office at 251-981-6810 or email

“We know that this virus is serious and this is a very scary time, as the unknown always presents the scariest of all scenarios,” Mayor Kennon said. “While there is still much data to be gathered about Coronavirus, we know for a fact that those over 65 and individuals with compromised health are most at risk. We are here to help protect you.”