Baldwin Co. Superintendent: Gulf Shores City Schools to start in 2019

April 20, 2018
Eddie Tyler

On Friday, April 20, Baldwin County Public Schools Superintendent Eddie Tyler announced a decision made by Interim Alabama State Superintendent of Education Dr. Ed Richardson that Gulf Shores City Schools will start in 2019. Gulf Shores wanted to split from the county school system starting in Fall of 2018. 

Following is Tyler's full statement: 

"We have received the decision by Alabama State Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson for a separation to begin in 2019. We believe that his decision will allow the best transition for the students, teachers and families in Gulf Shores with the least disruption for those families who will remain in our system."

"We have always been focused on what was in the best interest of the students, teachers and families. In our meetings to directly resolve this with Gulf Shores, we have always taken the position of a 2019 separation date. We have always felt that this start was in the best interest of the student and teachers. After hearing our position, Dr. Richardson agreed and we are pleased with his decision."

"With only one year to go, we will begin work towards the 2019 separation where we will wish Gulf Shores the best in their new system while also celebrating the opening of Baldwin County's new state of the art facility for grades 7-12 in Orange Beach. We are confident that everyone will be well served by this decision from Dr. Richardson."
"There are many details to discuss and we will work towards a final separation agreement quickly. We have committed to being transparent and we intend to be but we must do so in a responsible manner. We will provide the public with more details in the coming week." 

Eddie Tyler