SEC Soccer Championship

The City of Orange Beach hosted the Southeastern Conference Women’s Soccer Championship beginning in 2003, and then in consecutive years from 2005 to 2021 at the Orange Beach Sportplex. (The city did not host the tournament in 2004 due to Hurricane Ivan recovery.) 

The 2021 championship marked an end of an era as it was the last year Orange Beach would host the tournament for the foreseeable future. The new location for the championship is neighboring Pensacola, Florida

"Way back in 2003, a unique partnership began with our city being selected to host the championship tournament as a neutral site," City Administrator Ken Grimes, Jr. said. "Clearly over the years many champions have been crowned and many memories made with student-athletes, coaches and fans who now know about Alabama's beaches and what our area has to offer from a vacation and quality of life standpoint. This 2021 event marks the end of an era due to rapid growth and development of our new Orange Beach High School athletics programs and limitations to our athletic facilities availability for varying sports."

"Success and growth all have their challenges," Grimes said, "but we hope that everyone understands the new prioritization as we grow our successful accomplishments and work to meet the needs of our local schools and our own recreation sports growth. We truly hope to be in a position in the future to bring the SEC back and continue what has become known as 'the road to Orange Beach, Alabama' in the soccer world. We wish every team the best as they compete and know that more champions are coming to Orange Beach."

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SEC Women's Soccer Tournament titles

  • 2021 Tennessee
  • 2020 Vanderbilt
  • 2019 South Carolina
  • 2018 LSU
  • 2017 Texas A&M
  • 2016 Florida
  • 2015 Florida
  • 2014 Texas A&M
  • 2013 Texas A&M
  • 2012 Florida
  • 2011 Auburn
  • 2010 Florida
  • 2009 South Carolina
  • 2008 Tennessee
  • 2007 Florida
  • 2006 Kentucky
  • 2005 Tennessee
  • 2004 Florida
  • 2003 Tennessee
  • 2002 Tennessee
  • 2001 Florida
  • 2000 Florida
  • 1999 Florida
  • 1998 Florida
  • 1997 Florida
  • 1996 Florida
  • 1995 Kentucky
  • 1994 Vanderbilt
  • 1993 Vanderbilt