Support Services Division


Support Services Lieutenant
Lt. Aaron Wyatt

The Support Services Division is comprised of corrections, training, procurement, animal control, and support services technicians.


OBPD Corrections patch

The Orange Beach City Jail is a self-contained thirty-one bed facility designed to hold misdemeanor prisoners for up to one year. Corrections is responsible for processing, caring for, and housing people arrested or sentenced by the court system. Bonding and other information may be obtained by calling 251-981-9777 and you will be transferred to a corrections officer.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visitations have been suspended until further notice.

Visitation is on Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and on Sunday from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Visitors will need to bring a picture ID. Children will be admitted with an adult only. We have a limited visiting area so please try to be flexible. To reduce your wait time, please call 251-981-9777. If you have a special need or handicap, please call in advance so we can make arrangements for you.

Inmates are allowed to use the collect call phones in the cellblock as spelled out in the inmate rules. We do not take messages for inmates except in the case of an emergency. The company currently providing our inmate phone service has a number of services they provide to make it easier for you to use the phone service. The services are as follows: Advance Connect (prepaid collect), Direct Connect (a direct bill option), and Collect Connect (charges are billed through your local phone company). To set up phone services, contact or call 1-800-943-2189.

Inmate Mailing: Orange Beach Corrections (Inmate Name) 
P.O. Box 1039 Orange Beach, Alabama 36561

Inmates will be permitted to have only the following personal items in the housing units (dayrooms, cells):

  • Issued shoes or slippers (no shoe laces) - provided by Corrections
  • Underwear and socks (4 pairs each)
  • Personal hygiene items (approved by the nurse) - All others are provided by Corrections
  • Corrections issued clothing and items
  • Personal jewelry is not permitted
  • Personal correspondence items (loose leaf paper, stamps, and envelopes)
  • Limited amount of bound periodicals/books (no newspapers) - 1 plus religious book (Bible, etc)

All court related questions may be addressed to the Municipal Court by writing to P.O. Box 529, Orange Beach, Alabama 36561 or by phone at 251-981-2444. The court goes over the commitment order with each inmate detailing sentencing and fines.

Towing Companies:
Bonding Companies:



Orange Beach Corrections provides fingerprinting - by appointment only - for Orange Beach citizens for background checks, city permits, and business licensing. For furuther information and to schedule an appointment, email Orange Beach Corrections at Please provide your name and contact information in the email. 


The Orange Beach Police Department's Training Unit offers continuing education to law enforcement and to the citizens of Orange Beach. The training unit provides law enforcement with the latest tactical and academic information available with the goal of maximizing their potential and allowing them to be the best prepared professionals possible. The Mental Health Conference held yearly builds a relationship between law enforcement and mental health professionals.

The Orange Beach Police Department allows its citizens to get involved with programs such as the Citizen’s Police Academy, which is an 8-week program that gives citizens and the police officers the opportunity to create an open line of communication and gives the citizens an understanding of the police department’s operation, our popular women’s firearms course,which is designed to educate them in the areas of firearm safety, handling, and use of the firearm, to our Run, Hide, Fight training, which teaches the community how to react to an active shooter incident.

  • Mental Health Conference- May 2018
  • Citizens Police Academy-   September 2018
  • Women’s Firearms Course- April 2018, August 2018, November 2018
  • Run, Hide, Fight- Yearly

In partnering with outside law enforcement agencies and professionals across the nation, it is our goal to make Orange Beach a premier training destination.

Anyone interested in attending any of the training available or hosting a training course, please contact Sergeant Joey Brown, Office: 251-923-5805, Email:

Animal Control

Orange Beach Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are primarily responsible for enforcing Orange Beach ordinances and Alabama state laws concerning animals. ACOs are authorized to impound animals and issue citations for violations of these statutes within the police jurisdiction.They respond to a multitude of calls and complaints including animal cruelty and neglect, nuisance animals, injured animals, vicious animals, animal attacks, dog bites, dogs on the beach, and dogs at large.

Local ordinances about animals are found here:  Orange Beach Code of Ordinances/Chapter 10

Alabama state laws regarding dogs are found here: Code of Alabama Consolidated Dog Laws

Alabama animal cruelty laws are here: Code of Alabama Animal Cruelty Laws

On September 7, 2017, the Orange Beach City Council fully endorsed Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) as the method of stabilizing and controlling our stray and feral cat population.  ACOs serve in an advisory and coordination capacity for this project. The primary operational arm of this project is the Safe Harbor Animal Coalition, which absorbed the former non-profit volunteer organization Orange Beach Animal Care and Control Program.  For more information, visit Safe Harbor's website at

Orange Beach Coastal Resources is the primary responder for wildlife calls. ACOs generally do not respond to complaints about wildlife unless it is an emergency or if Coastal Resources is unavailable to respond. For additional information about Coastal Resources wildlife program visit their website at

Support Services Technicians

Support Services Technicians (SST) perform public safety tasks in support of daily police department operations as non-sworn employees of the Orange Beach Police Department. This includes but is not limited to: taxi inspections, enforcing parking codes, traffic control duties or any other task that does not require a sworn officer to handle. The goal for SSTs is to free up police officers from basic, but necessary, tasks so that the police officer can be available for other calls for service. The work is generally performed under supervision of the on-duty patrol supervisor.  They are required to document, record, and report on activities as required by the department.