Intelligence Division

Intelligence Division Lieutenant
Lt. John Simonson

Tactical/Analytical Intelligence

Intelligence officers will be responsible for analyzing information pertaining to crime and conditions that lead to crime. This will result in an actionable intelligence product intended to assist law enforcement in developing tactical responses to threats and/or strategic planning related to potential threats.


Three computer screens in Communications Center

The communications division is the link between the citizens who need law enforcement assistance and the officers who respond to the citizens’ requests. Dispatchers are trained to listen to callers, extract specific information about the situation and relay that information as quickly as possible to the officer, all while keeping the safety of the caller and the officers a top priority. Once a call is received, the dispatcher determines what type of crime is occurring and enters the call into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System. The CAD system allows for officers to be dispatched in a timely manner. The CAD system incorporates a geographical street index, warrant checks, call histories, tracking and statistical reporting used for the purpose of assisting the police department and officers responding to calls for service

Special Response Team (SRT)

The special response team is comprised of 3 agencies within Baldwin County. The SRT is called upon during high risk situations that may occur within the county.