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Last Update: May 31, 2020 - 9:51am
Medium Hazard, Marine Life

What does each flag signify?

Low Hazard
Medium Hazard
Dangerous Marine Life
High Hazard
Water Closed to Public
High Hazard, Marine Life
Medium Hazard, Marine Life
Low Hazard, Marine Life

Orange Beach Surf Rescue Tower 1 Orange Beach Surf Rescue

The Orange Beach Fire Department's Beach Safety Division had humble beginnings. Surf Rescue was formed in 2008 starting out under Parks & Recreation, daily patrols consisted of two USLA trained lifeguards covering 7 1/2 miles of coastline and educating visitors about beach and water safety. Ten years later Surf Rescue has grown tremendously receiving the title "Molly's Patrol," thanks to the generous donations from Tommy and Rebecca Bryant.

Molly's Patrol was established in the memory of Molly Bryant to further educate beach goers about the hidden dangers of rip currents and other beach hazards. On January 1, 2012 Surf Rescue was moved to the Fire Department and the Beach Safety Division was created.

As Lifeguards our goal is to provide a safe beach environment for all of our visitors. Feel free to stop by any lifeguard tower to ask about current beach conditions or regulations.

Our Team

  • Surf Rescue operates as an Advanced United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) agency providing water safety and medical aid.
  • We consist of 20 lifeguards: 2 full time and 18 seasonal employees.
  • Covering almost 8 miles of coastline ranging from Flora-Bama to the Gulf State Park Pavilion.
  • Lifeguards operate from March til September every day from 10 a.m. til 6 p.m.
  • Surf Rescue has five towers stationed at public beaches:
  • Tower 1 at Shell Beach
  • Tower 2 at Alabama Point East
  • Tower 3 and Tower 4 at Cotton Bayou
  • Tower 5 at Romar Beach
  • Roving Lifeguards cover the rest of the beach using 4 Honda MUV’s, 2 Beach Trucks, and 1 Jet Ski.

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Molly Bryant high school photo

Molly's story

In July of 2003, while on a trip to the Gulf Coast with her church group, Molly, with a group of friends, was swimming in the Gulf waters when the unthinkable happened. Molly was only 15 years old when she drowned, due to a rip current.

Molly was an outstanding and beautiful young lady.  She spent the first part of her last summer on a mission trip, ministering to and feeding homeless children in San Francisco.  This experience influenced her decision to devote her life to children’s ministry.  Molly loved children and had a compassion for those who were deprived of a life like hers, one in which she was so richly blessed and loved.

The Bryant Family knows Molly made her mark in this world, but realize she would not want them to end her mission of giving others hope.  They have diligently sought to make a difference:  working toward the implementation of beach and water safety standards.  The Bryant Family continues to work to make Orange Beach the safest beach along the Gulf Coast and to give the legacy of Molly Bryant and her love for children the gift of a safer environment for our children and our children’s children. Beach safety is vital to the entire community and specifically to those that choose to spend their vacations in our city. 


You can make tax deductible donations to Molly's Patrol by clicking the Donate link below. Donations help with equipment, personal, and repairs. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be utilized to increase the safety of the residents and visitors to our beaches. 

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