Business Licenses

Anyone doing business or soliciting for business in the City of Orange Beach must have a Business License. Business Licenses are issued by the Finance Department for new businesses as needed and annually each January for going concerns. Renewal notices are mailed, however, it is the responsibility of the business to meet the renewal deadline whether they have received the renewal notice or not.

For any questions or additional information, contact Timeka Cunningham at 251-981-6096. 

All forms may be filled in online and either printed and mailed or submitted online.  

  1. Requirements and Information for New Businesses
  2. Business License Application (General)
  3. Business License Investigation - Required for businesses with a physical location in the City
  4. Fire/Police Emergency Info - Required for businesses with a physical location in the City
  5. Condo Property Business License Application
  6. House/Duplex Property Business License Application
  7. House/Duplex 15 Days Property Business License Application
  8. Home Occupation Application
  9. Unlicensed Business Information
  10. Marine Activity - Required for any Water Activity

The Revenue mailing address is P.O. Box 1159, Orange Beach, AL 36561