City Administrator Ken GrimesKen Grimes, Jr.

Ken Grimes is the City Administrator for the City of Orange Beach, Alabama and he has worked with the city since November of 2002. Ken was appointed City Administrator on June 10, 2008, where his duties are to manage the day-to-day operations of the city and a $45 million annual budget that includes a $30 million General Fund budget. Presently, Orange Beach has over 290 full-time employees and serves a unique population of just under 6,000 permanent residents but any given day a total population that ranges from 25,000 in the winter to over 100,000 people in the summer.

Prior to his employment with the City of Orange Beach, Ken was President and CEO of the Alabama Gulf Coast Area Chamber of Commerce (now Coastal Alabama Business Chamber) and the Bessemer Area Chamber of Commerce with over 13 years in the chamber business.  Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Troy State University and a Master of Science in Economic Development from the University of Southern Mississippi.  He and his wife Kelly live in Orange Beach with their two daughters.