The City of Orange Beach is a Class 8 Alabama municipal corporation, incorporated on August 1, 1984. Legislative authorities are vested in the City Council, which is comprised of six members, including the Mayor. The City Council is responsible, among other things, for passing ordinances and resolutions, making public policy decisions, adopting the budget, appointing boards, commissions and committees, approving contracts, authorizing real estate transactions, awarding bids, selling property, and hiring the City’s department heads and City Attorney. Members of the City Council serve four-year terms.  The position of Mayor is an elected position.  

The City Administrator is the administrative officer of the City and is the department head for the administration department of the City. The City Administrator works under the direction of the Mayor, managing the day-to-day operations of the City, enacting policies and ordinances of the City Council, and ensuring that Department Heads carry out those policies and ordinances. This position is responsible for managing the overall budgets of the City of Orange Beach.

The City of Orange Beach is a coastal destination, resort community located in Baldwin County, Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico. According to the 2010 U.S Census, the City of Orange Beach has a permanent population of 5,800+ with a peak season population in excess of 100,000. Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south, State of Florida to the east, the City is the last foothold for the State of Alabama as it works to manage and protect Alabama's beaches.

The City of Orange Beach provides its residents and visitors with public safety services such as police and fire protection; construction and maintenance of City streets and infrastructure; wastewater treatment and disposal, planning/zoning/construction permitting and inspections, economic development, recreational and cultural activities and coordination of special events.



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