How much does a permit cost; when and how do I pay?

Refer to the Permit Fee Schedule (PDF) for the cost of permits.

Permit fees can only be paid after the permit application is approved (with the exception of Plan Review Fees*¹). The applicant will receive a notification email when the permit status is "Approved, Awaiting Payment."

  • The applicant can pay online by credit or debit card*² via the Orange Beach Permit Portal.
  • Pay in person by check*³ or cash at the Community Development office located at 4101 Orange Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach, AL 36561.
  • Pay by mail by check*³ to City of Orange Beach, Community Development, P.O. Box 2432, Orange Beach, AL 36561.

No work should begin on the project until after the payment is processed by Community Development staff and the permit status is "Issued."

*¹ Plan Review Fees are due at the time of application and are non-refundable.
*² There is a 3% convenience fee that applies to all credit and debit card transactions.
*³ Make all checks payable to "City of Orange Beach."

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