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Facility & Grounds

The Orange Beach Wind and Water Learning Center's Sail Loft Classroom and grounds are available to rent for receptions, parties, club/association meetings, etc. The Sail Loft Classroom is approved for a maximum occupancy of 49 people and the grounds for 100 people. Located behind the library with sliding barn-style doors opening up to Wolf Bay, this facility provides a beautiful view of the water and unbroken shoreline of Sapling Point. Individuals/groups renting the space would be responsible for setting up and cleaning up their event.

Due to functions and activities that are ongoing at the W&WLC, dates are limited. Contact Coordinator Jackie McGonigal at 251-424-5909 to discuss availability.

Equipment Rentals Coming Soon!

Orange Beach residents and visitors will soon be able to rent kayaks and sailboats from the W&WLC after taking a brief water safety class and passing a skills assessment. More details will be posted soon.

Orange Beach Wind and Water Learning Center Facility Rental Pricing/Inquiry Form

Please Review the Following Documents if You Plan to Rent the Facility:

  1. Wind & Water Learning Center Facility Rules & Requirements

It is the intent of the City Officials to make the WWLC available for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors of the City of Orange Beach.

  1. Arrangements must be made with the Coastal Resources Department for the use of any part of the WWLC.
  2. The City of Orange Beach has the authority to shut down the event if any of the following occur:
    1. Defacing the facilities and/or furnishings in any way
    2. Unruly/Disorderly behavior by guests
    3. Uncontrollable/Unattended children
    4. Fighting
    5. Illegal Drug Use
    6. Alcohol Use if not previously arranged for within the facility rental agreement
  3. There will be no refunds if the event is shut down.
  4. Any person or persons caught damaging or defacing any part of the WWLC, inside or out, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  5. The WWLC furnishings, displays, and equipment are not to be moved from their location. Tables and chairs may only be used within the building and on the porches and patio.
  6. No nails, tacks, brackets or similar will be allowed on or in walls, ceilings, floors or any material that will deface, mar or damage a surface.
  7. Silly string, glass bottle drinks, confetti, shaving cream, glitter, rice or any comparable products are prohibited inside and outside of the facility.
  8. No open flames (for example: candles, oil lanterns/containers, camp fires, paper lanterns, etc) or flammable fluids (with the exception of approved propane tanks for the grill) shall be allowed in the WWLC or on the grounds.
  9. No helium tanks are permitted on site.
  10. No pets (except service animals) are allowed inside the WWLC. Any pets on the grounds are required to be on a leash and pet refuse is to be picked up and properly disposed of. There is a Pet Waste Station located along the northeast woodline of the WLLC property.
  11. No feeding or harassing of the wildlife around the WWLC. Do not approach, feed or disturb wildlife on or near the grounds.
  12. There is a required minimum of 1 adult chaperone for every 10 guests under 18 years of age.
  13. All individual, civic or religious organizations, non-profits, or for-profit entities may use the WWLC for meetings, conventions, dinners, etc., but will not be permitted to use the facility as a permanent sanctuary on a regular basis, nor hold regularly scheduled or standing reservations. All City of Orange Beach programming takes precedence over any rental requests.
  14. No equipment or material will be brought into the WWLC prior to the date and time of use as outlined in the Rental Agreement, unless specific arrangements are made with the WWLC Coordinator
  15. All equipment and material brought into the WWLC for a function will be moved out of the Center at the end of the rental hours.
  16. No painting of any type will be permitted inside of the WWLC or on the porch areas.
  17. The seating numbers will be given at the time of booking. There will not be more than 49 chairs set up on the Center floor at any time. Fire and exit lanes will be open at all times.
  18. A propane grill is provided for use with the facility rental. Only approved propane tanks may be used for the grill and is the renter's responsibility to provide. Be sure the grill has been turned off and is cold prior to leaving the facility to ensure there will be no fires.
  19. In order to maintain health standards as required by the State and County, the following requirements for WWLC users must be complied with:
    1. After food serving has been completed and before leaving the WWLC, tables will be cleaned off and broken down (if applicable).
    2. All garbage will be removed from the building and placed in the dumpsters located in the Southeast corner of the WWLC and Library parking lot.
    3. All food items will be removed at the close of the activity.
  20. All events shall end and the area cleaned and exited by 8:30 pm or there will be a forfeiture of the cleaning deposit. This includes:
    1. Sweeping out the Sail Loft (if used)
    2. Leaving the restrooms clean
    3. Removing all trash and replacing the can liners
    4. Folding chairs and tables and returning them to storage area
  21. If you are renting the WWLC for profit ventures, it is required to have a City of Orange Beach business license. Please contact the Revenue Department at 251-981-6096 for additional information.
  22. If alcohol is sold, the renter/caterer must provide proof of the required ABC license. For additional information please contact the ABC Board at 251-947-2971.
  23. Cancellations must be made in writing and prior to 14 days of the event in order to receive a deposit refund (minus a $25 processing fee). Cancellations made within two weeks of the event will forfeit the deposit.