Drone Use

You have control. Be safe, be legal! When you fly a drone, the responsibility is yours.

In the City of Orange Beach, remember:

  • Hobby drone use is not allowed except by a person on their own personal property or on property they have the express permission of a property owner to use. Hobby drone use is not allowed on the beach.
  • Commercial drone use requires a Drone Use Permit and a City of Orange Beach Business License.
  • All Drone Use Permit Applications require a valid Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification and proof of liability insurance.
  • Each permitted drone user's flight plan (including those used for special events and film productions) must be approved by the city with a minimum seven day notice.
  • Each Drone Use Permit Application requires the property owner's written consent to take off, land, and/or operate on the property. For condominium and townhome type properties, this consent can be from the property management company or property owners association.
  • Drone use connected to a Special Event Permit must include permission for drone use. 
  • Commercial or real estate entities that film with drones multiple times a year must receive permission annually with a fee added to their business license fee. Contact the Finance Department for business license information.

Municipal Code

Drone Use Permit Application 

Drone Use Permit applications are now completed and submitted on the Orange Beach Permit Portal. Each applicant will need to complete a one time registration with the "Registration Type" of "Drone Operator." Registration requires a digital copy of (1) your City of Orange Beach Business License, (2) Remote Pilot License (FAA Part 107 Airman Certificate), and (3) State Issued ID. 

Once registration is complete, click "Apply Now" on your portal MY ACCOUNT page and select "Drone Use Permit" for the "Application Type." You will need a digital copy of (1) Proof of Insurance and (2) Written Consent from Property Owner or Management.

You will receive application updates and other permit correspondence via email and can check the application status at any time on the Permit Portal.

** NEW as of MARCH 2023 **

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