Defensive Driving School

The Orange Beach Municipal Court is a certified training center for the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses. Our instructors are certified in both the Alive-at-25 and the adult Level-I course. 

Courses are held at the Orange Beach Municipal Court located at: 

Orange Beach Justice Center

4480 Orange Beach Boulevard (Highway 161)

Orange Beach, Alabama 36561

Phone: 251-981-2444

Qualifications for Orange Beach & Referral Cases

If you possess a Commercial Driver's License - you do not qualify for defensive driving school.

You may attend one of the Defensive Driving Courses offered if you received a traffic citation. We will determine if you qualify and the course to be taken. If you plead guilty to the traffic citation in this Court, it is too late to take driving school. The fee for the adult Level-1 class is $75; Alive-at-25 is $100. If you are taking the course for an Orange Beach citation, the cost of the court also applies. Upon completion of the class, the defendant's charge will be dismissed unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

Volunteer & Business Opportunities

If you wish to attend a class for any reason other than a citation dismissal (insurance; refresher course), call the Orange Beach Municipal Court for upcoming course dates. The fee for attending the adult Level-1 class is $40.00 and Alive-at-25 is $50.00. A completion certificate will be issued at the conclusion of the class.